Türkiye'deki Tüm Yunus Parklarının Kapatılması İçin Dilekçe - Petition to Shut Down All Dolphin Parks in Turkey

Türkiye'deki Tüm Yunus Parklarının Kapatılması İçin Dilekçe

Petition to Shut Down All Dolphin Parks in Turkey

Pzt, 08/11/2010 - 16:00 tarihinde Yunuslara Özgürlük gönderdi

(English below)


Ülkemizde 9 farklı tesiste süregelen deniz memelilerinin esaretinin sonlandırılmasını istiyoruz.



We are asking the captivity of marine mammals that has been going on in 9 different facilities in our country to be ended.

- Dolphins, whales, sea lions, seals and walruses are among the species which are forbidden to hunt. Holding them under captivity and using for commercial purposes is a violation of the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, which is also signed by Turkey.

- In these afore mentioned facilities, wealth and hopes of families with handicapped children are being exploited via so-called "dolphin assisted therapy", using techniques which aren't based on any exact scientific findings worlwide. The so-called benefits of "dolphin assisted therapy" technique on handicapped children have been refuted by experts.

- In dolphin parks, an outdated sense of entertainment which lacks empathy is imposed to our children. These captive marine animals, far away from their natural habitats and natural behavior, are misrepresented to our children who eventually become part of this dirty commerce.

- Dolphins, whales, sea lions, seals, walruses and sharks do not belong in the pools, but in the unbounded oceans. In captivity, they suffer great pain and eventually they die in great pain.

- Swimming with marine mammals in pools containing heavy amounts of feces is verydangerous for human health. In our country, the possibility of very serious diseases which can evolve into other diseases after passing from humans to dolphins or from dolphins to humans is disregarded.

- There is a muderous hunt-capture sector behind the captivity of marine mammals in dolphin parks. All the dolphin parks in our country are financially supporting the cruel drive hunt sector which leads to the death of 23 thousand dolphins every year in Japan.

In accordance with all the reasons listed above, we are asking for all the dolphin parks in our country to be shut down and all the captive animals held in these facilities - in long term captivities and/or when necessary, after having been rehabilitated under appropriate conditions and by experts- to be returned to the unbounded oceans where they actually belong to.


(Çeviri / Translation: Ümmühan Akbay)

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